2022 Speaker

We are thrilled to welcome back Brent Gambrill. Brent is the president of Brent Gambrell Ministries, a non-profit ministry based in Nashville, TN.  Since 1990, Brent has been traveling full-time, ministering to students, singles groups, and churches around the world. Brent’s life is a testimony of what God can do in a life that is surrendered.  It is in our weakness that He is strong.  Embracing this truth, Brent travels the country telling people about the transforming truths of the Bible. He believes when people are taught the acceptance of Christ, their identity and freedom in Him, they respond by following Jesus, not simply out of duty but out of pure joy. His philosophy -People will never change their behavior until they change their minds first.

Brent Gambrell

Our 2019 speaker was Nick Mobley!

With nearly 20 years of experience in youth ministry, Nick is passionate about inviting students to know & share Jesus in a personal way. Ever since he met Jesus as a teenager himself, Nick has been drawn to encourage students and families throughout our community. Worship in the Woods is the ideal event to do just that – which is why Nick has brought his church to this event for the past seven years!

Nick currently serves as Family Pastor at Northside Baptist in middle TN. He and his wife Courtney are natives of Murfreesboro, and have three children. Their favorite activities usually involve some combination of music, ice cream, and a house full of friends.

Nick_staff photo

Our 2017 Guest Preacher was Jeffrey Dean. Jeffrey is a Christian speaker, ordained pastor, counselor, and author. He is one of the most in-demand, top motivational speakers for in the country. With 24+ years of experience communicating to teens, college students, and their families, Jeffrey has a pulse on this generation, their challenges and needs. Jeffrey has written for Stand Firm Magazine and writes regularly for several magazines and blogs, including Direction and Horizon, pluggedinparenting.com and, JD’s official blog, jeffreydeanblog.com.

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