Worship In The Woods is free annual event dedicated to evangelizing the young people of Middle Tennessee.

OUR MISSION: To bring the salvation message of Jesus Christ to lost youth and teenagers. To motivate Christian students to walk and live the life Christ planned for them.

We believe that hundreds, maybe thousands of decisions for Christ have been made by teens and youth in the past 20+ years. Exchange students from foreign countries including Germany and Japan have professed faith in Christ as a result of Worship in the Woods. There are those who were saved at WTW who are now adults and leaders for Christ in churches and ministries.

We strive to provide an exciting atmosphere in a wilderness setting with games, good food and contemporary worship, all to prepare the hearts and minds of students to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While a majority of attendees are church youth groups, we prayerfully go through the process each year of determining what we can offer that will encourage churched students to bring along their un-churched friends. Many students have come to make decisions for Jesus, both for salvation and for rededication. We thankfully give praise to Jesus Christ for every attendee and every decision.