Worship In The Woods takes many dedicated people to come together in order to make it happen. Learn more about how to donate your time, talents or financial assistance. Many people have expressed to us the desire to help but did not know how to get involved. We have several areas in which we need volunteers. A brief description of each is listed below. Please e-mail us at worshipinthewoods@gmail.com if you wish to volunteer.

Gentlemen – and Ladies – Start your engines! (Lawnmower and weed eater engines that is.)
We will have a work day (TBD at 9am) to prepare for the rally. Work will include mowing, weed eating, cleaning of the bath house, cleaning of the food preparation area, and general cleanup as needed to have the farm looking its best. Not a glorious job, but very, very important.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON SETUP There is much work that goes into setting up the day before and the day of Worship in the Woods. This includes setting up chairs, tables, tiki torches, general cleanup, etc.. Several volunteers are needed Friday afternoon, September 9th to help with these setup activities.

FOOD PLANNING TEAM Feeding 900+ students and adults is no small task and takes a lot of advance planning and preparation. This includes soliciting local grocers, butchers and food distributors for donations and discounts. This commitment would begin immediately and last through the day of the rally. If your gifts include planning meals for large crowds and you are not afraid to ask for stuff, you are needed on this team!

FOOD PREPARATION AND SERVICE If there is one rule we all live by (literally), it’s DON’T LET THE STUDENTS TOUCH THE FOOD! We do want them to eat the food though, so we need volunteers to set up and work the food service lines, and to help clean up afterwards.

TECHNICAL TEAM Are you skilled in setting up and/or operating sound, lighting or media? We will need your skills the day of the rally (and possibly the afternoon before). We could also use someone gifted in photography or videography to record the event.

COUNSELORS This is the reason we are here, to help guide students who have been moved by the Holy Spirit to make a decision for Jesus! While we need many counselors, we are selective in this area. We want to be sure that all of our volunteer counselors, with training, are equipped to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Volunteers should be prepared to give a short personal salvation testimony when contacted by the counseling team leader. Training will be provided for counselors.

GENERAL HELPER If you don’t have a specific interest in any of the areas listed above but still want to help wherever needed, we need you and your servant attitude.