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For general information or registration questions, please contact Melanie Adkins at 615.948.1058 or —>

For contracts, contact James Blair at 615.568.2791  —>

Click here to get customized directions to Fellowship Farms. Once on the property, you’ll see the signs directing you where to park: 4063 Weakley Lane, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

  1. What time can I expect to have my students back to our church for parents to pick them up?

The ending time of our service is a little hard to predict. It truly depends upon the Holy Spirit. However, we can typically expect it to end around 9pm.

  1. Is this event designed for a certain denomination of Christianity?

We are thrilled to have Hope Fellowship Church as our ministry partner. The pastor, Kent Shingleton, serves on our ministry team and has a great desire to see students come to Jesus. The church and our ministry team members are rooted in Southern Baptist doctrine. However, this event has only one purpose in mind and that is to share Jesus with students who do not know Him. The youth pastor of any student that comes for counseling will receive a communication from us regarding the nature of the counseling session. It is our desire that the student’s youth pastor would follow up with that student regarding any further counseling.

  1. Will there be any cost for this event?

Worship In The Woods has always been 100%FREE to anyone who attends. We do not charge anything for attendance, activities or dinner. The only reason any student would need money is if they would like to purchase one of our t-shirts. We do not make any profit on our shirts and try very hard to keep the cost low. The shirts typically cost $10.

  1. What is the target age group?

Our event is designed for students in grades 6-12. We do not recommend that younger children attend this event. The message content and activities are much more suited to older students. Thank you in advance for your understanding regarding the age group.

  1. Do we need to bring chairs or blankets to sit on?

No. WTW provides a chair for everyone based upon reservations.

  1. Is there a deadline for registration?

We will accept reservations any time prior to the event. However, you do us a great favor by registering early and providing a realistic number that will attend with your group. Because we serve dinner it is very important for us to plan ahead and be good stewards of the funds that the Lord provides for this event.

  1. Why does the event advertise that it is in Smyrna, but the GPS address is Mt. Juliet?

The event location has a Mt. Juliet postal address. However, it is located much closer to Smyrna.

  1. Is there anything that our youth group can do to help with the event?

WTW loves volunteers! We have a great deal of needs in getting the property ready for the event. We have two work days at the farm prior to the event. Our needs include weed eating, repairing facilities, painting, general clean up, cleaning restrooms, setting up all the chairs, etc. If your group is interested in helping please call Gerald Gardner at 615-556-6892.

  1. What happens in the event of rain?

WTW posts a rain date in advance on our website. In the event of bad weather we will post a notice on our website, Facebook, Twitter and attempt to email all the youth pastors just as soon as the decision has been made to postpone. If we postpone we ask that you let us know whether your group will still be able to attend.

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